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用stay away造句挺难的 He decided to stay away from miriam . 他决定回避密里安. In any case he was going to stay away from the general .



用stay造句,谢谢大家._百度知道 最佳答案: stay有三种词性: 1、可作为vt. 意思为:停留;停止;坚持;抑制 They had invited me to come to supper and stay the night. 他


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用stay away from 造句! 问题描述: 1 个回答 分类: 英语 The doctor told him to stay away from fat food. 展开全文阅读 c语言.若已定义x和y为double



stay away from school 旷课 stay down 蹲下,卧倒,停留在下面 stay behind 别人离 开后仍留在原地,留下来 stay in 呆在家里,放学后留在学校 stay in after school 放学后


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I wanna stay , or stay away ... 我 希望 要么 留下 , 要么 离开 . But I couldn't stay away or fight it . 但是 我既无法 离开 也 不能 与之 对抗 . At l


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全部 您要找的是不是: But I couldn' t stay away or fight it . 但是 我既无法 离开 也 不能 与之 对抗 . 精选例句 But don' t stay away . 但别走开 . 精选例句 And